I originally switched to the Mac platform back in the days of the 12″ PowerBook. A solid construction, yet light enough to carry everywhere, large enough for a full-sized keyboard, yet small enough to work with in any airline seat; truly a machine deserving its legendary status. Utility and beauty at its purest, I’ve been enthralled by Macs ever since.

I got every possible bit of utility out of that little machine and kept it well beyond its best before date, but I finally had to replace it a few years back. I never quite settled with the portability of the 13″ and never got fully comfortable with the iPad as my only computer for more than a couple of days; I can’t imagine going back to a life without the iPad, but my computing needs are just too darned heavy.

Pretty nifty.

After thinking it over for quite a while, I stumbled out through the autumn winds today and got just about the nicest 11″ MacBook Air available. This thing is impossibly thin, absurdly fast and weighs next to nothing. No beachballs, no waiting, no loading – nothing. It’s just there, ready for action, anywhere, any time, giving me no reasons at all not to make the best stuff I can. Bring it on.