Ten months ago, we let the dock lines go and left my home port on the west coast of Norway, at 59 degrees north, 5 degrees east. Today, we will be crossing the equator, passing 0 degrees north, 90 degrees west.

Between these points lie 8000 nautical miles of sailing. An endless stream of dolphins and sunsets; a relentless and uncomfortable rush of cash disappearing from my bank accounts. Friendships made along the way, friendships lost in the current of time; distance, time zones and lacklustre connectivity does not go unnoticed.

Today, we will be taking on the Southern Hemisphere. Our minds are occupied with fleeting dreams of South Sea islands, the 3000 mile passage ahead to the Marquesas, the birds using our navigation lights to hunt in the night, and the 28000 miles left to go until we are home again. Home is where I need to be heading, yet this is where I need to be.

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